Testimonial 4

“My Experience with Vasiko Clothiers was transformational. Athena first went through my entire dress wardrobe of suits, sports coats and slacks, dress shirts and ties. She assisted me in culling my wardrobe down to the items that still retained their style, had decent “wearability” left and showed me at my best. She also helped me eliminate a number of items that I had to admit I no longer wore with frequency but had been unable to part with.

From there we inventoried my wardrobe going forward and identified a number of new suit, shirt and tie combinations that would now accentuate my dress alternatives. We rounded off the list with some sports coats and slacks that really added punch to my wardrobe.

When we finished I was completely satisfied with the result: new dress clothes that looked like a million bucks, a remaining wardrobe that showed me at my best, and a functional set of dress alternatives for ANY work or social occasion.

That was a truly turnkey, experience and Athena invested a great deal of time and expertise in my enhanced wardrobe. I love my new dress clothes and the only problem I have is deciding what I most want to wear on any occasion”

Greg RiverPrincipal Paladin Consulting Company
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