Why Custom?

Because of the fit- If it fits better and it is custom made to your form, posture and measurements then you will feel and look better. Once you experience a custom made garment, you will never go back to off the rack because somehow it is never “just right”

How does it work?

Vasiko Custom Clothier takes our show on the road. We will discreetly come to your office or home and discuss existing wardrobe, colors, make fabric selections and take measurements. Your custom garment will take between 5-6 weeks. You will have a finished product that is as individual as your personality.

Can you coordinate my closet at home?

Fortunately that is one of our favorite things to do. We will organize and coordinate your existing and new garments to achieve a true wardrobe experience.

What if alterations are necessary?

Our Master Tailor will complete your alterations in 2-3 days

Can you copy a garment or fit that is not available any longer?

Yes we can but there may be an additional charge and there may be a longer delivery time.

What if I gain or lose weight?

We guarantee the fit of our garment to the measurements taken. Any increase in weight in excess of 15 lbs may affect the fit, for which you are responsible.

How can a Clothier help me?

As a busy professional most likely you don’t have the time to shop or coordinate an outfit or a look for an important presentation or event. As your personal clothier we put your mind at ease by choosing appropriate patterns, colors and styles that are flattering to you. This way, you can focus on more significant issues.

Is custom-made clothing more expensive than ready-made?

Considering all of the advantages, a custom garment is truly invaluable, a far better worth then ready-made and more often than not, lower in price than expensive designer suits.

Should I dry clean my Garment?

Dry cleaning is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Fine wools absorb and release natural oils, so they should not need to be washed. Never rub a stain. Spot clean if needed by gently dabbing using plain cool H20.